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Monday, February 25, 2013

Space Wolf Army Build Thoughts & List

Howdy folks.  Of late my mind has been on my Wolves and Guard, and competitive list building for the lead-up to Adepticon and events in between.  I’ve had no problem building Imperial Guard centralized lists.  Imperial Guard stepped up really well into 6th edition.  Their firepower is still great, they have a strong flier presence, blobs are still durable.  They suffer a bit from the fact that their mobile troops are like tissue paper and have trouble holding objective on the far side of the board, but otherwise they’re fairly good.  Both those problems are easily mitigated by allies or worked around, and the addition of a rune priest to a blobbed platoon gives them a very creditable (if slow) deathstar that can handle a variety of targets.

But this article isn’t about my IG.  This article is about my Space Wolves.  I’ve really struggled to come up with a Space Wolf army that can make the competitive cut on its own since 6th edition came out.  The problem really boils down to one thing for me.  Flyer Defense.