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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kentucky Hosting Feast of Blades Qualifiers!!!

Kentucky has been chosen to host Feast of Blades qualifiers. Everyone at Team Scabbard is really excited about taking part in this kick-ass tournament!! If you don't know much about Feast of Blades check out the web site at As more information becomes available about when and where we are going to be holding the qualifiers, we will post the information on this and other sites.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


For those of you that have been around the Scabbard or listened to BPR6 you know I'm working on an exorcist army for Adepticon. Well it has been a lot of fun and I've liked it so much I have decided to sell my *takes a deep breath* Red Templar/blood angel/space wolf/space marine/blood crusaders/dark angel army and build up my exorcist army in it's place. My...lets call them Templar for short, army was the first full painted and based army I made that didn't make someone throw up with the sheer disgust, but they were still not up to par with what I should be painting for tournaments. After 2 tournaments of decent but average paint scores, I knew I was going to have to repaint them anyway.

My Red Templar/blood angel/space wolf/space marine/blood crusaders/dark angel army

Monday, November 28, 2011

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BPR6 Inaugural Podcast

The first every Battle Plan Roll 6 hosted by team scabbard we meet your hosts from team scabbard, review codexes including the new necron codex, discuss game mechanics, and review mechanicon and adepticon.