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Friday, March 30, 2012

Betty? Posting? Madness.

Alright, Betty here. Long time listener, first time caller. Anyway, I've pretty much been the lazy one on the team for the past few months or so. Haven't really done much for the team. That changed today with the first of my painted Sons of Medusa:

So I would just like to say one thing. Screw you Mike, screw you Jack, Seth and Duncan, you two are alright.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Space Marine Stormeagle?

This is the case of "What is it".
(or "wWhen can i get one.")

So  I was walking around online and then Bam, here comes my next buy from the great guys over at Forgeworld.

The page over at Forgeworld isn't done yet but they have this up now. so stop read and go look.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

After almost 20 years, I have a painted army.

When I got into playing Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy, some time back in either 1992 or 1993, I played two different armies. In Fantasy I played Dwarves (Not Dwarfs because I, unlike GW know how to spell the word), I played Dwarves because I like beards, I like Dwarves, and I still do. In 40k I started off with Blood Angels, probably because they were included in the box and because they had this mystique about them of being freakish space vampires.

When you are that age, things like that are cool.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tournament prep

Well its friday and at this point im currently trying to get ready for 4 deferent events at the same time, the maul in the mall, adepticon championship, team tourney, and fantasy team tourney. For those of you that know me know at this time with maul in the mall and adepticon being so close i start to freak out a little... well i freak out alot. i'm in the mad dash to get my display boards done (all 4 of them >.<), getting my model painted, constantly staring at army builder wondering if there is a way i can fit just one more psycannon in my list, and wondering how my teams mate stuff is coming. but with maul at the mall being so close i have to take a step back from adepticon and focus on that tourney.

For those that don't know Maul in the Mall is a 1850 pt tournament in Cleveland TN hosted by dice head games, who always does an amazing job. I'm stuck between grey knight and space wolfs, but since i'm going to use this as a test for my adepticon list i think i'm going to take grey knights. i have  everything painted and my display board mostly done, but i keep making last min changes to my list which causes me to paint more. i'm sure like most of the tournaments i go to my list will not be finalized before, its become a tradition. 

So who all is going to maul at the mall, hows your stuff coming, and do you have any pre tourney traditions like me freaking out?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Adepticon and other projects

Adepticon is closing in fast and there is still much to do. We have 2 teams participating in the Warhammer 40k team tournament. I can't say what army we are bringing but I can say that we have a lot of work to do on it. Models still need to be assembled and painted. Our display boards are not even close to being done. The second group hasn't even started. I've been tasked with the job since I don't have to build an army and don't plan to start it until 2 weeks before hand. Let's put it this way, I will be running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

In addition to the team tournament I am participating in The Battle for Piscina IV is a narrative event. Here are the details for the event:
  • The Battle for Piscina IV is a narrative event and you must bring a Dark Angels, Imperial Guard or Ork force to participate. (NO IG SPOTS LEFT)
  • Each participant will bring an army that will consist of 750 points or less.
  • Each participant will receive a Battle Briefing in advance that will outline the historical forces used in each scenario, how many points can be used, as well as any special rules or stratagems that will be used.
  • Participants will be modifying their army list throughout the event to suit the needs of each scenario.
  • Participants will be teamed up at times with others to meet the needs of the narrative.
  • The Battle for Piscina IV consists of four rounds of play. During each round you will be assigned a table and may have 1 or more team mates and foes. Not every battle will necessarily be equal.

For more information on this and historically accurate armies for the battle go to

I have no interest in Orks so I chose Dark Angels. Here is my 750 points:

Belial - thunder hammer and storm shield = 130

5 Deathwing terminators - thunder hammer and storm shield x 5 = 215

5 Deathwing terminators - thunder hammer and storm shield x 5 = 215

Devastator squad - 4 plasma cannons, sergeant has bolter = 190

I have all of the models except 3 plasma cannons. Now I just need to assemble and paint them.

However, the Dark Angels will have to wait a few weeks. I am still trying to finish my Dark Eldar. There are 3 ravagers, 1 raider, 3 blasterborn, and 10 witches that need paint first. I keep saying I'm behind on updates for them so at this point I am going to wait till the whole army is finished and post an army pic. Until next time.....

Monday, March 12, 2012

Space Wolf Project Log Update

Greeting All!! For those who don't recognize my usual online handle, this is Wooten. The Wooten of Wolves, Imperial Guard, and (most recently) Tau.

I had hoped to kick off my arrival to the blogosphere with a full spread of pictures of my ongoing obsession, my pre-Heresy Space Wolf army. However, I am sad to report that my wife has currently left town with the only cable capable of connecting my camera to my computer. And since I be in a blogging sort of mood, I'm gonna skip the picture show and move on to my project log.

As those who are member of the FB page are aware I like to post updates every so often of my progress on building and converting for my various armies.

It’s good for my morale. Lesson one kiddies. If you plan to convert an entire army, be prepared for everything to take FOR-FREAKING EVER!!!

As an example, I've spent most of the last 3 hours just building 3 infantry models. And these are to a design that I'm familiar with and comfy with. Ugh. But rant over, before I go on too long with it. On to the update.

Space Wolf Project Log Update:

Completed Since Last Update
1) Long Fangs Squad #3 Built
2) 3x Thunderwolf Cavalry Completed
3) Thunderwolf Lord #1 Completed
4) Choosers of the Slain (x2) Completed
5) Wolfguard w/ Combimelta & Power Fist x2 Built

On Deck (And Required For Adepticon)
1) Wolfguard x2 w/ Combi-Weapons & Fists (Base & Paint)
2) Grey Hunter x10 w/ 2xMelta
3) Long Fang Sergeants x3
4) Rune Priests x4

Upcoming Projects (Hypothetically in Order of Priority)
1) 4x Swiftclaw Riders (Assemble & Paint)
2) 1x Swiftclaw Attack Bike (Assemble & Paint)
3) Logan Grimnar Conversion
4) Thunderwolf Cavalry x2
5) Iron Priest on Thunderwolf
6) Arjac Rockfist Conversion
7) Wolf Scouts Squad #2
8) Terminator Squad #2
9) Terminator Squad #3
10) Misc Special/Heavy Weapons Troopers for Variety
11) Landspeeders (2-4)

It’s been about 2-3 weeks since the last update. Not fantastic progress, but not bad. Anyone who recalls the last list will note that the new releases did in fact jump to the head of the line. I couldn't resist having new kits to play around with. And new bits to feed the maw of conversion….Dear god. I'm almost depressed by how elated I got when I saw there were 6 brand new unarmoured heads for me to play around with in each box of thunderwolves (I bought 2).

Thats all for this round. With any luck I'll be able to get pictures up for the next round. Cheers All!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Rusty Scabbard tournament -March 17th- Mirror Match List

This months tournament is going to be a mirror match, below is the list that we will be using, the tournament will be at the Rusty Scabbard on march 17th and will start at 11:00am. the only change will be that everyone can chose the powers their librarian will be using. if you have any questions leave a comment below.

pic of the day

Awesome thats all i have to say