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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


For those of you that have been around the Scabbard or listened to BPR6 you know I'm working on an exorcist army for Adepticon. Well it has been a lot of fun and I've liked it so much I have decided to sell my *takes a deep breath* Red Templar/blood angel/space wolf/space marine/blood crusaders/dark angel army and build up my exorcist army in it's place. My...lets call them Templar for short, army was the first full painted and based army I made that didn't make someone throw up with the sheer disgust, but they were still not up to par with what I should be painting for tournaments. After 2 tournaments of decent but average paint scores, I knew I was going to have to repaint them anyway.

My Red Templar/blood angel/space wolf/space marine/blood crusaders/dark angel army

Which brings me to my Exorcist.

The First 5 completed Exorcists
5 down so many more to go T_T

Before I started building these, I did a lot of research into the exorcist and about their background. Which, if you have never read the background on the Exorcists I HIGHLY recommend you do. They have a really awesome fluff. Everything from possibly being the descendants of the grey knights, to forcing demonic possession on their recruits to see if they are strong enough to fight the demons off (I'd hate to be the guy who failed). So I took the helm from a grey knight for the possibility of them being a grey knight chapter (and the helmets are really cool). Then I took the tabard, bolt pistols, chain sword, and power fist from the black templars upgrade box. I chose the tabards because when I think of secret societies or cults I think cloaks and lets face it, other marine know almost nothing about the Exorcists, almost like they are a secret society ( and they make the look really cool). The bolt pistols and chain sword from the black templar box set have chains on them which again goes with the image of a secret society in my head plus, if I went around fighting demons all the time I would have my weapons chained to my body or I might just drop them and run (and they make them....well you get the point).

But the part that tied them all together was the shoulder pad on the left was the mark 4 stubbed shoulder pads which I have always liked and the one on the right was a chapter house exorcist shoulder pad which are amazing. They are very high quality, very clean and were cheaper then what I had to pay for the mark 4 shoulder pad. >.< .

Well last but not least the base, due to the theme Team Scabbard is going with this year (more information to come in a latter post), I needed a base that looked like the deck of a battleship. Enter Dragon Forge. Dragon Forge is another AMAZING company. They have some of the best custom bases on the market, I would really recommend checking them out.

The Tech-Deck bases from Dragon Forge

So thats a run down on my Exorcists, so far as time goes on (and as long as I don't go crazy) I'll give regular updates.