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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The End is Near

With 6th edition just around the corner, I can't help but wonder for the future of 40k. What will change, what will stay the same, will it be better or will it be worse? With so many rumors coming out it seems like 6th might be a different game all together.

One of my favorite rumors involve using random terrain, just like in fantasy. To me, this would be a lot of fun. In fantasy, it is already a lot of fun because of the mass amount of different terrain types and their effects. For example, you could get a haunted house and the ghosts attack when someone gets too close to it. It adds another level to the game. On top of the random terrain, there is mysterious forest, lakes, and swamps. These are pieces of terrain that you have no idea what they do until you go into them. They can be anything from a normal forest to a blood forest that attacks you every time you move through them. In 40k you could have an option where you find out the forest you are in is full of Genestealers which causes you to take d6 str 3 hit when you move through it. To me, this seems to add a another piece of randomness to the game which would be fun.

At this point I bet your thinking this is just way to random!! What about tournaments!! No way you could have random terrain in a tournament it would require to much work. You would be right in this, but just like all fantasy tournaments I've been to all you have to do is ignore the random terrain rule (except for the mysterious forest river etc).

Again this is just one of the many rumors and questions we will have answered on the 23rd.

What's your favorite rumor??

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