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Monday, September 22, 2014

Back from the dead?

      Jack here with, well this is something. So 40k have move came along a lot since last I talked about it. My favorite thing, rumors, are no more. GW is putting out info so fast I don't know whats out. Thank you GW. I mean that. We about about to have a fully updated rules set. Fully. Everyone on the same page. Holy shit. When has that happen last? 2nd Edition? Never? 42?

     Then there is 7th Edition I love it. I have had more fun with this then edition then maybe the last 2. I need to get more games in but that's always the thing. You can never get in all then games you want. With 6th i quit playing. I didn't tell any one that, not even my self. I hated it, and my self a little but for trying to like it so very much. It just didn't happen. 
       With that said i think tournaments will be very, unique. Look at AdeptiCon for next year. Ill wait. You back yet. No, OK. Wow your a slow reader. If you didn't read it you should. It is the most un-watered down tournament I have seen so far, You may look at it as you can only take 1 CAD, and no Transcendent C’tan. But you can take any number of unique Codex Detachments and any number of unique Formations presented in a Data Slate. I will say i wish they would put the C'tan back in because A. He ain't shit and B. Maybe the best thing to keep the green tide at bay. With that said. I don't care about th lack of Reaver Battle Titan. That may be the only thing I would not want to play, not because you "can't take it down" because you can, but that's the only thing a list that is design to do can do. They are also kicking around the idea of maelstrom of war missions. I'm not sold on that. having played them they are great fun, but no very balanced, at all. We will see. I missed the 2014 AdeptiCon, I will not miss 2015.

    Till next time,
     Capt. Jack

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