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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dark Eldar Update

So, If you have been following the podcast you know I have recently been getting back into from 40k after about a 3 year hiatus (playing Warmachine). Also, you have probably figured out I am playing Dark Eldar from the video battle report and previous posts. Since I have had a few weeks to get some models put together and play games I thought I was about time to reflect.

I am way behind on army pics so here is a list of what I have in my collection so far:

HQ – 2 Archons, Barron, Haemonculus
Elites – 10 incubi
Troops – 30 warriors (usually posing as trueborn), 20 witches
Fast attack – 9 reavers, 10 scourge, 15 hellions
Heavy – 2 ravagers, Jet fighter, Chronos parasite engine
Transports – 5 venoms, 3 raiders

I have not had the chance to proxy anything so my experience is just with the models listed above. I would have to say the VIP unit so far has been the incubi. If they make it into combat they reliably make kills. Granted, it usually requires the help of an Archon with a PGL. Next in line would be the haemonculus with a liquefier gun. That’s only because I have yet to roll an AP that won’t kill a marine. Everything else I would say is average. Trueborn with blasters hardly make their points back. Ravagers, raiders, and venoms collapse like a cake with no eggs. With that being said, my current record is 0-4-1 (Space Wolves x3, Tau, IG). Not all is lost however. Five games is nothing and I expect that the first 20 or so will be rough against the competition I am up against locally. The 4 loses in my book were victories. All 4 times the game has been a wash at turn 5 until the last second where turns 6 and 7 seem to be more common than not and things go downhill. On top of that I was fighting on tables with sparse terrain and big open fields to have to cross.

Overall I would have to say I am happy with how things are progressing. I have chosen a non-powerhouse codex that seems to have a great deal of balance. I am really enjoying how challenging the game currently is. I hope to add to the collection and revisit the codex evaluation given in the last podcast once I have some evidence to back up my statements.

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  1. You are doing really well with your dark eldar, every game we have play has been alot fun and very challenging.