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Monday, March 12, 2012

Space Wolf Project Log Update

Greeting All!! For those who don't recognize my usual online handle, this is Wooten. The Wooten of Wolves, Imperial Guard, and (most recently) Tau.

I had hoped to kick off my arrival to the blogosphere with a full spread of pictures of my ongoing obsession, my pre-Heresy Space Wolf army. However, I am sad to report that my wife has currently left town with the only cable capable of connecting my camera to my computer. And since I be in a blogging sort of mood, I'm gonna skip the picture show and move on to my project log.

As those who are member of the FB page are aware I like to post updates every so often of my progress on building and converting for my various armies.

It’s good for my morale. Lesson one kiddies. If you plan to convert an entire army, be prepared for everything to take FOR-FREAKING EVER!!!

As an example, I've spent most of the last 3 hours just building 3 infantry models. And these are to a design that I'm familiar with and comfy with. Ugh. But rant over, before I go on too long with it. On to the update.

Space Wolf Project Log Update:

Completed Since Last Update
1) Long Fangs Squad #3 Built
2) 3x Thunderwolf Cavalry Completed
3) Thunderwolf Lord #1 Completed
4) Choosers of the Slain (x2) Completed
5) Wolfguard w/ Combimelta & Power Fist x2 Built

On Deck (And Required For Adepticon)
1) Wolfguard x2 w/ Combi-Weapons & Fists (Base & Paint)
2) Grey Hunter x10 w/ 2xMelta
3) Long Fang Sergeants x3
4) Rune Priests x4

Upcoming Projects (Hypothetically in Order of Priority)
1) 4x Swiftclaw Riders (Assemble & Paint)
2) 1x Swiftclaw Attack Bike (Assemble & Paint)
3) Logan Grimnar Conversion
4) Thunderwolf Cavalry x2
5) Iron Priest on Thunderwolf
6) Arjac Rockfist Conversion
7) Wolf Scouts Squad #2
8) Terminator Squad #2
9) Terminator Squad #3
10) Misc Special/Heavy Weapons Troopers for Variety
11) Landspeeders (2-4)

It’s been about 2-3 weeks since the last update. Not fantastic progress, but not bad. Anyone who recalls the last list will note that the new releases did in fact jump to the head of the line. I couldn't resist having new kits to play around with. And new bits to feed the maw of conversion….Dear god. I'm almost depressed by how elated I got when I saw there were 6 brand new unarmoured heads for me to play around with in each box of thunderwolves (I bought 2).

Thats all for this round. With any luck I'll be able to get pictures up for the next round. Cheers All!!

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