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Monday, March 19, 2012

Tournament prep

Well its friday and at this point im currently trying to get ready for 4 deferent events at the same time, the maul in the mall, adepticon championship, team tourney, and fantasy team tourney. For those of you that know me know at this time with maul in the mall and adepticon being so close i start to freak out a little... well i freak out alot. i'm in the mad dash to get my display boards done (all 4 of them >.<), getting my model painted, constantly staring at army builder wondering if there is a way i can fit just one more psycannon in my list, and wondering how my teams mate stuff is coming. but with maul at the mall being so close i have to take a step back from adepticon and focus on that tourney.

For those that don't know Maul in the Mall is a 1850 pt tournament in Cleveland TN hosted by dice head games, who always does an amazing job. I'm stuck between grey knight and space wolfs, but since i'm going to use this as a test for my adepticon list i think i'm going to take grey knights. i have  everything painted and my display board mostly done, but i keep making last min changes to my list which causes me to paint more. i'm sure like most of the tournaments i go to my list will not be finalized before, its become a tradition. 

So who all is going to maul at the mall, hows your stuff coming, and do you have any pre tourney traditions like me freaking out?

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