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Monday, April 30, 2012

Adepticon recap

So, it has been more than a week since our return home from Adepticon and it is time to reflect. I have been going to conventions for years but this was my first time to Adepticon so this will not only be a recap of how the team did but my general impression/evaluation of the con.

Thursday: We started off the fun filled weekend with a three hour wait in line. We had decided that it was an acceptable price to pay in order to acquire the Battlefoam Shield bag that was given to the first 500 in line (I think). There were only about 30 people in front of us so that was in the bag (see what I did there? Ok not funny). We spent the time talking to the people around us, watching them play games they brought to pass the time, paint minis, and even a little bit of trading was going on. After getting our badges and goodie bags we hastily reconvened in the room to evaluate the treasures hidden inside. Those who got the “good” bag received a Hordes starter set and the adepticonstruct among other random small bits. The night was finished off as the group headed to Medieval Times for a bite to eat and lack luster entertainment (It was so much better when I was 15).

Friday: Team Scabbard went to Adepticon with 8 members. On Friday four of those played in the 40k Championship. This included Duncan, Mike, and Jack who preregistered and James who was lucky enough to get in at the last moment. There did seem to be several open spots that morning as the organizers spent about a half an hour trying to find people to fill the empty spots. Andy, Conor and myself Spent most of the day relaxing and checking in on the guys between rounds to see how they were doing. Betty spent all day trying to paint his whole army for the 40k and Fantasy team tournaments. In the end none of the guys placed high enough to move on to the finals Sunday. Duncan did the best. He had a narrow loss to Reece playing footdar and a loss to our own Mike in the last round (had Duncan beat Mike he would have been in the top 16 and played Sunday)

Saturday: This was the big day. We had 2 teams put together for the team tournament. We all played Space Wolves (not my first choice but I digress) and our army composition was around 99% similar between all eight lists. The teams were broken down into Mike, Betty, Jack, Andy for team 1 and Duncan, James, Conor, myself for team 2. I won’t make comments on how the other team did since I wasn’t involved in their matches. I will however give a rundown of how Team 2 did. 

Our first game was against Daboyz, another team of Space Wolves. It felt like a mirror match except that they had a lord on thunderwolf cav while we did not. The game was very back and forth as both sides had hidden objectives and neither side was being too aggressive (See the Adepticon site for full scenario rules and details). There was nothing noteworthy in this game other than the death of their thunder cav lord due to jaws from our rune priest. Both halves of the team scored near max points.

Game 2 was against Grey Knights. When I first saw the match up I was concerned. I know GKs are popular and how good they can be. Luckily we got matched up with people who were playing them cause they are popular. They had 2 dreadknights that didn’t last long once standing in front of our whole army turn 2. It also didn’t help them that they apparently didn’t know about true line of sight and tried to use the whole “I’m behind 3 inches of terrain rule”. Again, both halves of the team scored near max points.

Game 3 was against Orks. The way the team mate matchings went me and Conor were matched up against the horde portion of their army and it was dawn of war. Orks got first turn and spread out in the middle of the table. It was just all downhill from there. We could not get enough momentum to do anything. We lost the primary objective but got a draw on the others and some bonus points so it wasn’t a disaster. Plus Duncan and James got max points against the other half of their team.

Game 4 was against Blood Angels and from the shirts they were wearing it was one of the many DakkaDakka detachments. My objective was to protect Duncan and that’s what I did. I went blazing forward to distract them and kill as much as I could. The game was very tight and came down to turn 7 and a very good round of shooting to give us a significant lead. Both halves of the team scored near max points.

In summary, we had 7 games near max points and 1 draw. We were very pleased with how we did and once the rankings went up I was more than pleased. The team that won was the Ork team that we drew to. We ended up in 4th. Considering that was the 4-7th games I ever played with Space Wolves I will take it. It is disappointing that we were so close to winning and just couldn’t pull it out. However, we had great opponents, a really great time, and look forward to another try next year. 

Sunday: This was a day of recuperation for me. I sighed up for the battle for Piscina V narrative event. I would have to say that it was fun to have something laid back to do instead of sitting in the room all day. The games were really fun and the guys participating were great guys and fun to hang out with. However, the event was poorly planned. It started an hour late and people were bored with it a couple hours in. I think that might deter me from participating in future narrative events at Adepticon. I am sad because I feel like this had a lot of potential. Betty and Mike played in the Fantasy team tournament and from what they have told me it was a blast. Conor played in the young bloods tournament. Everyone else enjoyed a day off and probably spent lots of money.

In conclusion it was a really great time. I am disappointed in the vendor area. I am spoiled from Gencon. I hope to register early enough next year to get into some of the painting classes. I was also unable to find the time to talk to some of the other podcasters which was something I really wanted to do. There is always next year.

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