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Thursday, February 2, 2012

the amazing power of purple power

Everyone has painted a model or two that just didn't come out right. No big deal, it happens. We just spray it again with primer and start over. But, what do you do if priming messes up the model even worse!! Well, this happened to me with my nice tanks as I was doing the finishing touches on them.
what they looked like before i messed them up >.<

So, after majorly messing up my beautiful tanks with old bad dip, I quickly decided to re prime. I didn't want to just scrap the tanks because I spent a good amount on them, so I needed something that would pull off the paint but not hurt the tank or resin parts. I had done some reading online and heard from a few friends that simple green and purple power would do the trick, but I was very skeptical. So I sent my gofer (aka my awesome wife) to pick me up some on her way home. After finding out that purple power was about  75% cheaper for 75% more we went with purple power. So in my rush to save my models, I poured the whole gallon in a bin and quickly dropped my tanks in it (as i died a little inside).

After about a day of soaking the effect was amazing, I mean truly amazing!! You do have to take an old tooth brush to pull the left over paint off the tank but it comes off very easy. So needless to say, I now get to have the wonderful task of repainting my tank (kill me now), but at least I don't have to buy new tanks.

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