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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Hello Crazy Stalker People, SenseiXeno here again with another exorcist update. Today I'm going to talk about terminators. It took me a while to decide how I wanted these to look. Once again I wanted to keep going with my cloak theme so I had to find one I liked and the the only one I really found was the cloaks from the chaos terminator lord. But as most of you know they can be hard to come by. As if that wasn't enough, I decided to go with pre-heresy lighting claws for my lighting claw terminator, because
lets face it, they look really really cool. So I then decided to use the normal chest because the cloak would fit in to it. That leaves the head and the leg, for which I chose the grey knight terminator legs and head (regular, not the paladin ones that look like they haven't got enough sleep). Normal shoulder pads just would not do for this crazy mesh of awesome. So after much trial and error and the recommendation of Duncan, I went to MaxMini and got some of their shoulder pads. These pads are amazing, very well made and fit perfectly on the models. Well last but not least the base, and as most of you know I have been using the Dragonforge base which is another great company, their bases are highly detailed. After putting all of this together I get what you see in the picture. I think it turned out good.

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  1. (regular, not the paladin ones that look like they haven't got enough sleep)? What, there only one set of legs.