Battle Plan Roll 6s

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Warhammer 40K tournament

What - 40k tournament, 3 rounds
Where - The Rusty Scabbard
When - Feb 18th, 12 noon
Points - 2000
Entry fee - $10

Modified FOC:
HQ - 1
Elites - unlimited
Troops - 2
Fast - 1
Heavy - 0 to 2

*notice HQ, Troops, and Fast are not ranges they are compulsory
Scenario #1: Mosh pit
Table setup: Place 1 objective in the center of the table.
Deployment: Pitched battle
Objective: Have more friendly units completely within 18 inches of the objective than your opponent at the end of the game.
(points are winner/loser)
3+ more units than opponent = 20/0
1-2 more units than opponent = 15/5
Same amount of units is a tie = 10/10
In addition, you gain 1 extra point for every friendly unit you have in your opponent’s deployment zone and lose a point for every enemy unit in your deployment zone.
Game length: 5 turns or 2 hours

Scenario #2: Where’d they come from?
Table setup: Seize ground with 5 objectives
Deployment: Modified dawn of war – Elites and heavy support must be deployed on the table before the start of the game. HQ, troops, and fast attack must be held in reserve. Units held in reserve that do not have a dedicated transport gain the deep strike special rule. Those with transports may come in from reserve on any table edge the owning player wants. All reserves automatically come in on turn 2. Night fight turns 1 and 2.
Objective: Capture those objectives *all units are scoring except troops and anything with an armor value*
Scoring: Player with the most objectives at the end of the game scores 15 points, loser scores 5. Ties score each player 10 points
Game length: 6 or 2 hours

Scenario #3: Balls to the wall!
Table setup: None
Deployment: Players take turns placing units on the table. Units can be placed anywhere on the table at least 15 inches from an enemy unit. If for some reason you cannot legally deploy a unit all remaining units go into reserve (normal reserve rules this time) and arrive from your long table edge or by deep strike if they have the USR.
Modified kill points:
HQ = 5
Elites = 3
Troops = 0
Heavy support = 1
Scoring: The number of kill points you get is your score.
Game length: unlimited turns or 2 hours


  1. ... Inquisitorial henchman army anyone? More specifically Death Cult assassin army???

  2. NO CROWE TAX...just thought of that after listening to the podcast sorry I couldn't make it. I will try to make the March one if I do not work