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Monday, July 30, 2012

40k 6th Edition

So the title of this post is not that descriptive. You know I am going to address 6th edition and probably assume it is going to be about the rules and I am going to bash them like so many other people are doing right now. Well you would be partly correct. I am going to talk a little about the new rules but there will be no bashing from me.

People seem to hate what they don't understand. With 6th edition in its infancy, people, mostly those on the internet who decide their opinion is worth something, have not had enough time to play, evaluate, and make an educated statement regarding this edition. I have played about 15 games myself and still have no clue what types of armies are going to be competitive. I can tell you that within those 15 games I have played (and played against) a variety of armies and army types and they all seem to perform well.

Daemons: I want to give GW a big round of applause. I spend a great deal of time in forums checking rumors. While almost everyone was certain we would be getting plastic plague bearers, the addition of new unit choices and a revision/addition to the daemon codex seemed to go unnoticed until the white dwarf was released. I hope that this becomes a trend. This was all a big and complete surprise.

Over the past several weeks my attitude towards GW has done a complete 180. Despite all the bitching and moaning we do as players you have to give it to them. In reality they are a fantastic miniatures company and seem to be getting their act together. Thank you GW!

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