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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

USR’s That Everyone Can Enjoy

Howdy Folks.  Below is a retweet of a list compiled originally by Reecius over at Frontline Gaming.  I thought it was fantastic information to have, so I’ve included it here.    Comments attached to the list are original to Reecius.  My thoughts are below the list. 

This is a list of USRs that confer on to a unit that has at least one model with the ability.
1.       And They Shall Know No Fear (HUGE!)
2.       Slow and Purposeful (Ghaz with Lootas can now move, shoot and assault)
3.       Acute Senses (Wolves attached to a unit can reroll outflank, not bad in a blob with Al’Rahem!)
4.       Crusader
5.       Fearless (HUGE!!!!!!)
6.       Hit and Run (Khan is a boss)
7.       Infiltrate (Think about what you can do with this, units can get a big boost up field)
8.       Monster Hunter
9.       Move Through Cover
10.   Night Vision (Dark Eldar/Eldar Combo)
11.   Outflank
12.   Preferred Enemy
13.   Scout
14.   Shrouded
15.   Skilled Rider
16.   Stealth
17.   Stubborn
18.   Tank Hunters (this is pretty huge, too)

So a few things that have come to mind.  Firstly Arjac Rockfist is no longer gimped by not being able to confer Stubborn to his unit.  Yay I guess.
Second, the idea that a Guard Blob will have ATSKNF when I attach my allied Rune Priest is just sexy.
Also if I replace the Rune Priest with a Wolf Priest w/ Saga of the Hunter (Gives Stealth and Outflank), at that point my guard Blob becomes Fearless, can outflank if I choose w/ re-rolls on board edge (Acute Senses), has a 6+ cover save in the open, and has Preferred Enemy against a unit type of my choice.  What’s not to love?
I got really, REALLY excited for a moment at the idea of taking a Tau Commander w/ a Stealth Field Generator (gives him Stealth and Shrouded), Iridium Armor (Grants Slow and Purposeful & 2+ save), and Vectored Retro-Thrusters (Hit and Run)and then sticking him in a guard blob to have a 50 man unit that could move and fire heavy weapons, while having a 4+ cover save in the open, and be able to Hit and Run from close combat 50% of the time.  Then I remembered that Tau aren’t battle brothers with IG, and therefore that IC could not join my blobs.  Plus, Tau Commanders can’t actually take the Stealth Generator.  So that idea died a sad weeping death (probably for the best).
In any event, there are some fun combos out there to be found.

Cheers All

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