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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Carcadons Update

Its been a long time coming, I had too much on my work desk to do anything, and that held me back. So after being lazy for 4 weeks and only working on one or two things, I cleaned off my desk to see if that would help. I put up the last of my Nids since I was never going to paint the last 8 or 10, put up all the little things I was doing (Grey Knights), and threw away a bag of S#$t (Self Edit) out the door.

I have not done that much painting, but I have put together a few things in the past few days. So here my list:

Rune Priest - not done
Grey Hunter Pack 1- not done
Grey Hunter Pack 2- not done
Grey Hunter Pack 3- Is assembled, needs painting.
Long Fangs- Is assembled, needs painting

Doesn't look that good, but I do have all of my Mark of the Wulfen put together and a bunch of stuff I just have to finish, like 10 or 12 models that I just need to put in a squad.

Now to the pics.
Mark of the Wulfen
Mark of the Wulfen
 Mark of the Wulfen group shot

Logan Conversion

Logan Conversion

So there you have it. Hopefully I have the other two Grey Hunter Pack done by tomorrow then we are off to paint.


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