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Friday, December 30, 2011

Dark Eldar Jet Fighter

So, If you listened to the third episode of the podcast you know I have started a Dark Eldar army. In the next couple of weeks I will attempt to get all the pics I have taken of all the projects I have been working on. First, lets start with the kit I was most excited about putting together. Shown in the first picture is what comes in the box and what tools I used to put it together.
Notice this kit only come with two sprues in the box. Along with many of the plastic kits this one makes efficient space within the sprue. I used a pair of side clippers, a knife to clean off all the pieces and super glue to assemble the model. Next, I assembled the cockpit.

I'm still trying to remember why I decided to assemble this part because I planned to paint over the clear plastic piece that covers the cockpit. I then assembled the rear engines. The cockpit was attached to the lower part of the hull and the engines to the top part of the hull.
With that done the engine fans were added to the front of the top of the hull and the fins were added to the same piece.
The only thing left to do for the main assembly was to combine the top an bottom parts of the hull.
At this point you will need to decide what weapons you want to use before gluing them on (or magnetizing). I chose the dark lances and glued them on place. The missiles can also be assembled (not shown) and either glued or magnetized. I am waiting on magnets for mine. Lastly, I assembled the flight stand and positioned the jet on top.
Review: This is a very easy kit to assemble. There are only a few parts and everything fit together nicely. Took about 15 minutes from opening the box to fully assembled. However, I don't feel like you get much for the price. The jet is barely bigger than the stand. I was expecting it to be closer in size to the other flyers that have come out.

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